Movie : March of the Peunguins

Posted On 29/11/2005

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When local cinema is still show chunks of commercial junks, there is little place for something more refresh in our cinema.

As this film is shoot by french director, the film original name was in french : “Marche de l’empereur, La “, more appropriately translate as “March of the Emperor” .

This is a “short” story about life. The director have “soften” some of the violents scene of mother natures. So there is no reason for even the pathetic protective parents to ditch this movie.

As I mentioned above, since the local cinema has a bad taste of selecting commercial-movies, many just let this gems slip over our cinema screen. My colleage inform me that this movies is categoried as “International film” in GSC. And there is little luck it will appear in TGV.

And the release day suppose to be on 1st December 2006.

Forget about the google search of 3,110,000 search for March of the penguins , now you can go to the nearest Uncle Ho store “enquire” this movies “details” ;). After “enquire the details”, you will not be regret to watch it in wide screen cinema.