What the hack is this phentermine spam

Posted On 06/12/2005

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checking the old b2evol blog statistic, notice there is some strange referer hits of “phentermine”. Yes, those fucker spam me through the referer hits, after the day I turn off the trackback.

And this phentermine stuff used up my blog database space. And guess what, b2evol developer has over see the features and list out the whole damn list of referer domain that spam me with the keyword. The total referer hits

Gosh. And this doesn’t end there. A few spammer domains referer list exceed 3,000. Because of the scripts, It is impossible to delete the refere-hits. Damn, this mean I must do the part that I am not good in, change the php script. Noting can be the “remark king” to remark the whole bunch of script and voila, the script no longer list out individual referer list.

Just do a simple search of the spamming keyword, and the delete key just appear ASAP.

BTW, pherntermine are lame. If you want to lose weight, nothing beats a cup of caffeinated brewed.