Taking care the notebook battery

Posted On 23/01/2006

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Battery life is a common problem for notebook/laptop computer owner. The good news is, new notebook computer battery are pack with more power and using chip to check remaining power from time to time. A well maintained battery will last for 3 years and still give you 1 hours of power.

The bad news is, most user don’t read the n notebook user manual, or taking useless advise from reseller, which eventually killing their notebook battery.

Here is the DO for your notebook battery (or any equipment that use Lithium Ion battery)

1. Always connect your notebook with the power source. Remember,Lithium Ion battery should be charge OFTEN.

2. Remember to discharge the notebook battery once a month. Ironically, this contradict to point No. 1.

Actually this is due to design of the notebook battery. After year 2000, most notebook are smart enough to discover whether it is necessary to charge the battery (as oppose to old notebook that keep charging the battery even it is full). This is good because i. you will save electricity bill (as not charging the battery often) ii. Allow the battery in a cooler state, as charging will generates heat, which is bad for battery.

However, those smart detection did not cater for the battery own discharge rates(20% @ annually ). So the notebook end up charging less power, which is bad for the battery. So it is advisable to do this once per month. If you are using Windows XP, you should apply the following procedure.

i. Open windows Control-Panel
ii. Open Power options
iii. Click on the Alarm tabs.
iv. At the “Critical Battery Alarm” box, make sure “Activate critical battery alarm when power level reaches :” checkbox is checked.
v. Move the alarm level to 3%
vi. Make sure the alarm action is either “Stand by” or Shut down.

If you never do this before, you will notice the last 5% battery remaining time will stay there quite sometime. Afterwards, it may immediately go into the standby/shutdown mode. Connect the power as soon as possible when the system enter into standby/shutdown mode.


3 Responses to “Taking care the notebook battery”

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