Don’t do this in KL during CNY

Posted On 25/01/2006

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Once upon a time, during Chinese New Year(CNY), Kuala Lumpur is a empty city from the first day to third day of CNY. There is a jokes that say if you lies on the road for an hour, you will not hit by any car .

Well, it seems some joker just win his Darwin Awards by playing the “lies on the road” game. When I watch this in Astro TVBS news on Sunday, I can’t stop laughing. It is too difficult for me to to have any sympathize feeling.

This is also reported in Taiwan China post.

—- Excerpt start —-
“The man, identified as Chu De-ming, quarreled with his girlfriend after getting drunk, but he shouted to her that “I love you so much that I’m not afraid of death.” And then he lay down at the intersection of Kuei Lin Road and Ta Li Street in Wanghua District, Taipei, but was killed by a sedan running at high speed.

—- Excerpt end —-

Fella Malaysian, please don’t do this in KL street during CNY. Malaysia has too many drunken and stupid minister. Save the country, don’t act like one.

Let the minister do it, Okay!