Super tanker BMW-X3, errr not.

Posted On 25/01/2006

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Expect this will happens in Malaysia soon, since many SUV drivers think they are in “GOD MODE” (As in many first person shooting and RTS games) .

Well, a copy and paste blog 😉

—- Excerpt —-

(6 January 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa) Massive thunderstorms had turned the Braamfontein Spruit into a raging river. It was a little past midnight when police warned Barbara, 33, that a flash flood was inundating the bridge ahead. They urged her not to cross. But Barbara was driving a BMW X3, an off-road vehicle with xDrive all-wheel-drive.

Brochures assured her that the luxury SUV with Sensatec upholstery and an 8-speaker stereo system had “virtually unlimited agility.” So Barbara laughed off the police advice, and continued towards the bridge. xDrive all-wheel drive lost its grip as the floodwaters swept her BMW X3 off the bridge. Her body was found later inside the vehicle over a mile down the river.

—- Excerpt —-

In my hamburger opinion
Don’t you think we should let those Menteri besar and minister drive BMW-X3, it save TONS OF MONEY in the long run. Just a reminder, don’t forget to declare the drivers as national hero, since there is no easy ways to get rid of stupid Bolehland minister/MB now a day.

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