Crooked bridge and stupid Bolehland transporation mindset

Posted On 27/01/2006

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If you know fat is going to clog your blood, the doctor will ask you to take less fat. Have you ever heard a doctor to “double” your blood vessel so you can eat more fat?

The latest news about Bolehland(TM) stubbornly continue the construction of the crooked bridge show that the country are run by a bunch of morons.

Only the Bolehland minister think they can convince Lionland to bite their stupid tricks. Apparently, the Bolehland minister NEVER ask their subordinate to give them information about Singapore VEP(Vehicle Entry Permits) and TOL charges.

Anyone who have been in Singapore can tell you that they are not using the inferior Smartag that you must be slow down to 10kph, but a drive thru TOL gates that you can pass through with a speed of 80kph. With the TOL gates setup in all traffic jams area, any Malaysian who think about driving in Singapore had to think twice.

So you just can’t suffocate Singapore using the crooked bridge. Since a hike of TOL (say S$5 per TOL) and VEP (say $30 per day) will make you think twice before entering Singapore with your vehicle.

So when those policies in place will hampered vehicle enter into the small island, why should the Lionland waste the resources and time building the bridge? You know you will NEVER meet the volumes becasue the the card is always on your hand.

This is not the last time Bolehland Minister show their inferior mindset to Lionland people.

Oh by the way, I don’t think Lionland is going to give official response on their reason of NOT BUILDING the bridge. You wouldn’t know if the Bolehland minister is thick face and stupid enough to ask Lionland to lower the cost of TOL, VEP, just “to create traffic volume for the crooked bridge” that against Lionland policies. (Bare in mind, Asean has a non-policies/political-interruption agreement)

I’ve told people many time, even a monkey can run Bolehland better than the minister in place, and it prove me right countless time.


5 Responses to “Crooked bridge and stupid Bolehland transporation mindset”

  1. joni j

    Dont U think its the other way round,that the island state will suffocated economically. After all not many bolehland people drive to the lionland but its their people who throngs our bolehland over weekends & public holidays,so why are we that worried. A crooked bridge it is,but its also a wise move that makes the lion loosing its roar.

  2. Fat4

    your post doesn’t really talk about the disadvantages of a crooked bridge. you harped about smart tag and VEP system. which would you rather have? an efficient system which will make you pay at every expressway or one which is inefficient enough to not make you pay so much. I think the crooked bridge has more political significance than economical or environmental. As a tax payer, i am happy for malaysia to build the half bridge.

  3. aw

    I agree with the poster above. Yes, there are a lot of valid criticisms about Malaysia, but you seem to be criticizing just for the sake of criticizing. Not balanced at all.

    Also, Singapore does not want a bridge because more of their citizens will spend more money, buy houses and petrol in Malaysia. That’s why if you on the Malaysian side, the immigration is actually VERY fast (to the point of being careless!), but any Singaporean will tell you that the Singapore side is TOO stringent to discourage travel, causing jams for Singaporeans waiting to return to Singapore.

    Dr. M also mentioned that Singapore even refused to revise the water rate from a measly 3 sen to 4 sen.

  4. haniff

    your title is misleading.

    and its unfair to compare tol system with malaysia as the highways in singapore are limited compared to mass highways in malaysia.

  5. moo

    joni j : come on, do you think the crooked bridge will give a sudden surge for Lionland economy?

    Fat4 : I suggest you play Simcity. Try play it without cheat and build some nice flyover bridge and lots of road. Even with TOL, you will see city budget run in red in maintenance. I’ve state the reason why the bridge is not feasible. Unless you read my blog in context.

    aw : Balance criticising? ROFL, I am just a blogger. Unless you pay me, LOL.

    haniff : Hmmmm. So? More highway less traffic jam? ROFL. Have you ever study the traffics conditions in Asean?