Jokes : Why minister cost more

Posted On 02/02/2006

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In a visit to Australia, plane with full of Bolehland(TM) minister explode and crash into Papua New Guinea.

When the rescue team penetrate the heavy forest, they are greet by the tribe chieftan locate near the crash site. Apparently, the tribes are practicing cannibalism, and all the victims parts are collected for a fest. After negotiation, the tribes agree to let the victims families buy back the remainants.

The Chieftan went inside his hut and come out with a price list.

Body parts : 5 dollars per KG
Pilots head : 100 dollars per KG
Doctor head : 100 dollars per KG
other Civilian head : 30 dollars per KG
Minister head : 1,000 dollars per KG

The rescue team captain are puzzle with the price list and ask the chieftan about the price different and how they distinguish the head of each victims.

chieftan : It is easy, since the pilot and doctor are smart people, their head will be heavier.

Captain : So the minister head cost so much because their head are heavier than the pilots?

chieftan : No, it is because they are difficult to collect.

Captain : Why?

chieftan: WTF, don’t you know their head are empty? 10 minister head hardly make a KG!


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