Abolish fuel subsidiaries = good things

Posted On 03/02/2006

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In Malaysia, Chinese New Year (CNY) is special, it affect Malaysian everyday life. I am not talking about the “advertised”multi-racial harmony. It is not about “ang-pow”(the red packet), but price hike on foods. Soon after the chinese store increase the food and drinks price, the Malays, Indian and mahmad store will follow closely.

Yes, it is a tight “corporation” that no government officer is involved, and no slogan required 😉

The roaster year just break the pattern : the price hikes now follow the petrol price increase. The good news is, those mahmad store seems catch up the idea of price hike, they increase the food price ASAP when there is a fuel hikes. The bad news is, besides food, almost every industry is taking the oppotunity to increase price. And the worst new : you still caught in traffics jam and not getting any pay hikes.

The gomen has waste millions of ringgit buying signboard to put advertisement about “gomen caring roles of fuel subsidiaries”.

However, it seems the staging fuel hikes becoming the people worst nightmare :

1. It make inflation unpredictable. When there is a hikes, you must prepare to use more money for ANYTHING.

2. All food store take advantages to impose a hikes

3. Except the finance industry, all other industries wants to take a share of the fuel hikes wagon.

4. Why Tax payer that use less fuel should SUBSIDIES people who drive MPV, cars more than 2 liters, or industries that use lots of fuel ?

By estimation, the petrol price will be around RM2.50 to RM 3.20 per liters(refer from Thailand petrol price). The good news is

1. Less people will drive. The will lead to less traffics congestion. Even better, you will see less incompetent drivers on the road. Parents who creates massive traffics jams fetching their children to/from the school will be less.

2. Better utilisation of public transport. There is no excuses from the public transport company use “lack of capacity” excuses not to increase the route frequency.

3. Force all taxi go NGV. Old petrol taxi is a waste of fuel.

4. Urban people will start THINK and INVOLVE in urban planning. Since insufficient, inefficient public transport will affect you now.

5. It will stabilise the inflation rates by shielding the people from multiple fuel hikes.

6. It will force Bolehland to think about energy conservation, since electricity hike is inevitable.

7. Less excuses for “policies maker” to build more road, thus less money wasted on road that served little economic purposes.

8. Less excuses for “policies maker” for spending money on subsidiaries.

The bad news is
1. Bolehland politkus gomen are so busy playing the politics and not ready to sit down and works.

2. Price of electricity will increase. And Bolehland people are not yet ready for energy conservation.

3. TOL collector will cries for subsidiaries because of less vehicle. And everybody know Bolehland has a strange policies on helping TOL collectors.

4. Bolehland people must play a roles in local city planning, a “tedious” work that many avoid for decades.

5. We wouldn’t know where the money “save” from the fuel subsidiaries will end up to.

IMO, the abolishment of fuel subsidiaries will force the people rethink the life quality that depends on car.


One Response to “Abolish fuel subsidiaries = good things”

  1. Badawi Rocks

    crazy meh.. who wants to subsidise the overcharging taxi fares to those weirdo destinations? you ar?

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