Cartoon vs religious hypocrisy

Posted On 13/02/2006

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You insensitive noob !

Well, it is harmless phrase we normally used for jokes on the web, Nobody will take it serious. Alas, if you deal with a depression personality eligible for Prozac , the above phrase is no longer a jokes.

So how should we look at those “insensitive cartoon” issue assoicate with belief body?

After reading some of the Malaysian blogger views, I notice many blogger still lacking understanding of many social issues. And some even jumping their gun over the issue of press freedom.

No, I don’t expect you blogger go research like a journalist, but a little research will open your eyes.

In facts, the tabloid is aimed for the blue-colar working class that interested in bad taste stimulating stuff, like what we see in most Malaysian tabloid : violents, sex, cheap social contraversial etc. In short, it is NOT a paper that the influence group in the society will subscribes.

Many non-European writer just refuse to look for facts such as tabloid circulation, social economy and Denmark immigration policies. They rather jump the gun and condemn the Denmark government, the whole western media.

When the riots sparks, some even attack the media reproduce the cartoon and blame it as provocation act. Even better, people who have little idea of press freedom go jumping gun and attack the act as “anti-press-freedom”.

For European media, they are used to open-dialogue method. Thus it is important for them to reproduce the cartoon to enable the understanding for the problem. The literated European are clueless about the cartoon, since they never been circulated in mainstream papers. So to let the reader to grasp the idea of the issues, mainstream paper must republish those cartoon and let the reader judge it.

For any Malaysian, you should know what I’m talking : provocation talks from some hooligans politicals party will NEVER been publish over other language paper. Should other language paper reproduce those talk, the editors will be blamed as “misleading”, “insensitive”.

Back to meaning of the cartoon. Some of you say it is INSENSITIVE. Well, it depends whether hold one held the HUMAN values vs belief. IMHO, it is ok to poke fun on virtue image as longs as it does not physically attack or harm another HUMAN. And that is the reason why European says it is a part of press freedom. As there is no limit for so called “perfect human being or virtual figures” under press freedom. Furthermore, if you have a positive mind over your believe, there is nothing can provoke you to ditch your believe, unless you feel insecurity.

Unfortunately, when come to the cartoon case, it seems some believer think a virtual figure are so essential and they must take physically action . Ironically, if you look into the issues, you note that the believer own teaching are AGAINST worshipping figures. And yet, they go riots on the street over virtues figure like cartoon.

Afterall, anyone still think the riots is due to the insensitive of western culture over that religions, you are wrong. Religious factor is not so “holier” as you think. In human history, religious is not powerful enought to trigger a tragedy : it is always series of social-economy, power-struggle stack up. Even the so called “crusader war” are merely result of social-economy politics.

Just go check list of riots in the human history. All of them are associate with human social-economy issues.

It is not a surprise why the incidents sparks from Denmark. Since those kind of riots are not welcome from those religious essentric country with a tight fist control from the government. If you apply the social-economy thesis into the case, you will notice those rioters are narrowed to certain class of people. And these people are taking Denmark freedom granted as a ground for hooligans act. Should the riots spark off in those country who worship the religions, you will expect a anti-riots controls, which can be more deadly compare what happens in Denmark.


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  1. helen

    Amen. Finally found one who make sense. (among local bloggers):-)