Repacking lychee : when Stupid minister speaks, you should start thinking!

Posted On 14/02/2006

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Go google the world biggest “cocoa” producing country, you will find they don’t manufacture the finest end product – chocolate. Heck, you see fine chocolates are came from Belgium, Sweden, Japan,US, UK; countries that don’t cultivate cocoa.

So what is the fuss when the smart-alecks minister talk about Singapore rebranding fruits from Malaysia? Amazingly, I see some blogs commenter growth up act like dumb patriot by jumping gun on the issue.

When minister say something stupid, the people should use their BRAIN. Apparently, many people still driven by the fake patriotic agenda than using their brain.


3 Responses to “Repacking lychee : when Stupid minister speaks, you should start thinking!”

  1. Azmeen

    Well, to be honest, you just blogged something stupid yourself.

    The “lychee” being branded are actually rambutans. Making chocolate out of cocoa is a very different scenario as compared to repackaging a fruit and labelling it as a different species altogether. Heck, they’re not even closely related.

    And manufacturing is by definition itself is totally different from repackaging.

    So check your facts well before being to quick to jump the gun when labelling somebody as stupid.

  2. moo

    Dear Azmeen : Huh?

    Ever study Europe and US banana trade war? And banana is not cultivated in both regions!

  3. nonvespa

    Dear Moo !

    You ever heard about ROO a.k.a Rules of Origin. In this case before one country export his products to other countries it should qualify the rules of origin. I think Singapore can name it what ever their prefer but as I mentioned early it must qualify ROO. If Singapore can qualify under “wholly obtained” the term we used for agricultural product, then it wont become a big problem. For better understanding on ROO feel free to go to wto websites under ROO. Chow. See U

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