Proton MVA option C

Posted On 20/02/2006

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If you borrow hundreds of thousands, it is liabilities,
If you borrow hundreds of millions, it is prestige

if you owe banks hundred of thousands, you are peon,
If you owe hundres of millions, you are king

In MVA case, it is yet another showcase how incompetent of Bolehland appointed “government corporate” can be. The TM x 2 (you know who) merely show that the crow calling the kettle black.

Yes, in my opinion, politicians should never touch business, because they are SUCKS in business. For example, there is enough apples polishing of TM(2) on the national automobile handling. Take away the polishing part, you will find TM(2) are pretty helpless as he can’t even solved the bad mouthed national car power windows parts problem, nor can he solved the quality control problem of the national car parts. It is an excuses to claim he is hand tied. If TM(2) is claim to be business sense as what the media called, he will find a business way out of the political deal.

In common sense, if my old man have enough money to buy in debts MV Agusta, why can’t I just “buy out” the problem that infesting proton parts quality problem? Buying “famous politicians” business with premium price is really not a big issues, as long as I don’t pay a long term price of the poor quality.

Apparently, TM(2) is a politicians than a businessman.

Looking back at the TMx2 rants, again, you will see the political thread there. If any of them are business minded enough, they should ask the 10 question in clear business facts, rather than political drivens.

The Bolehland Dollar 1 sell on MVA question should not be raised. They should rather question, why don’t P*oton just fold up MVA, file a bankrupt call for MVA? That will definitely buy MORE TIME and CUT COST of MVA to serve the loan.

Unlike the Joe public, business that owe bankers hundreds of millions are given more prestige than the pathetic public that pay on time. Even the bank lawyer are not eligible to touch hundreds-milions debtor even they failed to make the payment on time. The reason are rather obvious : Bank risk more to lost the whole collection as business always has the final resort : bankruptcy.

For Joe public in Bolehland, even after you clear your bankruptcy status, local banks will play the discriminate rules to block your loan. However, if you are hundres millions borrower, the rules is rather on the debtors hand : because bankers are so tempted to high risk big borrower than low risk small borrower.

Should P*oton sort out the real business play, they have more one option than to sell MVA.
– force the bankers to write off some interest fees in MVA debts.
– negotiate for new interest rates
– negotiate for new payment terms
– Appoint bankers to issue bonds.
– Transfer MVA to some of P*oton own facilities
– Forced high ranked MVA stuff to take pay cut (don’t be suprised when this can save 10 millions pounds in a year),
– etc

Apparently, somebody still think their political experience can compensate their poor business mind.


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