Support National healthcare plan before you hit a disaster

Posted On 26/02/2006

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Malaysia are yet to plan one.

The absentee of National Healthcare Plan(NHP) is the reason that government promote private medical insurance. Unfortunately, it is a huge burden to general public as the insurance are not cheap and not well manage. Since it is in the privates hand, it is subject to the usual insurer claims process : lengthy and bureaucratic.

The bad news is, most of the Malaysian are not aware of the importances of NHP. The elders generation(e.g. above 60 years old) and the younger generation (below 21 years old) are not aware of the crisis. If you add in those rural population awareness, you will realise why Malaysian failed to achieve high GDP(Gross domestic production) after so many years.

Anyone can point out that the medical insurance is inadequately expensive and discriminate the lower income/no income group. If you spend TOO MUCH on medical, it will eventually hog you living standard down. And that is bad for the country economy.

Ironically, those who need NHP are the group that CARE LESS about NHP : the elders, youngers and rurals. It is a grave disaster when any unfortunate health problem occur to the money bringer in the family. It is not uncommon the middle-class live broke because of medical bills, and too many lower income class seeking public donations. This is indeed absurd and against so called “caring society” as cup of water can never put off oil drills fire.

Apparently, the gahmen are not going to help us anyway. I have yet to see any gahmen health minister actively promote NHP. Worst still, the minister of health minister are more interested in “micro-management” over nitty-gritty issue that can carried out by his subordinates.

Unfortunately, the opposition are pro-active over NHP. It seems that opposition don’t realise that things that affect the people directly is more important than “transparency” issues. Compare to so called “transparency” and other political agenda, NHP is a huge agenda that they can ride on it to win the people support.

If you reading this blog, please spread the news over to let anyone know how important is NHP. Spread the news, let NHP gain a ground in Malaysia before the medical disaster strike you.


3 Responses to “Support National healthcare plan before you hit a disaster”

  1. lilian

    My Catholic church (i.e. the ‘big organisations’ throughout Malaysia) are on this. We (the church goers) were told of the implications and sufferings that will befall the poor and needy. I heard in Taiwan, the poor who can’t afford the insurance gotta suffer by the roadside. Looks like another, thrash the poor so that the rich can have more ermm…easier management.

  2. helen

    Please do enlighten me!! What is the NHP?? I thought we had the government run GH to take care of all the needs of the poor and needy? I took a few church members to GH and I’ve seen how they get affordable healthcare. People who are better off somehow shunned GH and rather go to those ridiculously over priced private hospitals.

    The cost of medical insurance shot way up because hospitals/doctors are unscrupulous enough to charge 100% more when they know you are covered. I think the gahmen should set a guideline on doctor charges. You know, we are at the mercy of those doctors when gahmen has no mandatory guideline of doctors’ fees…. they simply charge as they pleased…!! lol

  3. moo

    Lilian : Taiwan alway try to immitates everything from US, even the worst healthcare system in the world.

    Helen : I don’t think you really understand how the healthcare budget allocated. Country in Europe has successfully implement NHP, do away with MULTIPLE insurance company that go for profit. When many private company enter the market, it will thinning the profit margin, and BAD thing start happens.
    NHP is a long term beneficial program and I don’t denied it is more complex than stuff like anti-corruption.

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