Petrol, electricity,water and GDP

Posted On 28/02/2006

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I predict politikus, media, etc alecks will start bull shitting this in the future.

When somebody start talking shit about “capacity efficiency” from huge population, they didn’t realiase there is something call “population burdens”. When China economy booms, people just keep talking about the “big market” theory, rather than uneven distribution of wealth due to huge populations. Unless the most of the population achieve the middleclass living standard, huge population is prone to be huge social cost for any country.

Well, all this related back to the topic : distribution of resources and the earning of the people.

Currently, Bolehland is is in the stage of social eruptions. The reason of the list is endless. For a country that with a sparce population, there is a lots of do and don’t. It is unfortunate that the country is going into auto-pilot stage that ending no where.

1. Machinery should be used
Bolehland import illegal workers. By estimation, it is around 200,000 in West Bolehland.

2. Illegal immigrant can be easily curb because there isn’t that many strange face in your population.
Bolehland encourage people from filipland to settle here. Estimate 50,000 is find a place in East Bolehland. (even Hong Kong can easily identify illegal from main land, who is from the same ethnics.)

3. National health plan can be implemented easily
Instead, 50% of the middleclass must forked out money for medical insurance.

4. There is enough water for everyone as the country annual rain drops can drop the whole populations.
We heard many excuses of water shortage, reservoir polutions, pipe bursting problem, water theft.

5. There is sufficient power for everyone
There is electricity theft, and there is way to get “discounted” electricity bills from insider.

6. It is easy to implement bus services for everyone
Bolehland rather handicapped and paralysed the bus services to force people to buy car.

7. Less ROAD require.
Instead of preserved the land for better use, road is taking away the precious land. And not to forget the high maintenace cost of the paved road.

8. Inheritance Tax should be in place
Without it, the rich can easily bloated the real-estate market which served NO USEFUL VALUE to the country GDP. And not to forget corrupted gomen officer that follow suit.

9. There should be enough public/private funded tertiatary education for all citizens
But education allocation ratios is reducing every year.

10. It is easy to computerised and make many public service online
Rather, 30% of the working population are in the government sector.

11. Should have less debts
Instead, the public debts are 48.3% of GDP

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