So after the fuel price, where is the bus?

Posted On 28/02/2006

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I don’t give a it a damn about 30 cents fuel hike. In my opinion, I dare Pak Lah to announce a RM1.20 fuel hikes, make Bolehland petrol price in par with Thailand, Indonesia.

However, traveling from point A (my home) to point B ( my working place), the fucking 15 km will took me average 1 hours 30 minutes if I take the bus. In some fucking day, the travelling will suck up 2 hours of my life for no reason.

For years of traveling on works with car, bus is as scarce as clean politicians. Routing bus services is still sucks in every LRT/PRT/MRT/F*ckRT stations. Don’t ask me why gahmen spends billions to build up the rapid transit but failed to fork out less than 2 millions for the routing bus.

Since most Klang valley residents are staying more than 15 km away from working place, taking the public transport is like having a live with the BUS company. Anyone can tell you that the bus services in Klang Valley is worst than a spoiled boyfriend/girlfriend.

Our grandparent used to talk about walking/cycling for hours to working place/school in the old day. Alas, it make no different today, as it take hours to travel with bus. Living quality doesn’t seems improve here, except with extra bonus such as exhaust gas pollutions.

If you ever thinking about taking a bikes, think twice. It is not our road full will reckless/oxymoron drivers, it also full of suicidal/oxymoron riders. In a few month back, my stubborn old man bikes just hit by a suicidal riders that cut from the federal highway into the motorcycle lanes. And myself has encounter few bikes accidents that cause by bad roads, oxymoron bikes lanes redirection and etc.

Apparenently, the gahmen try to tortue us, sucking us dried with all sort of stupid policy.

Why should I suffer with others 70% moron that vote for the current gahmen, sigh!!

Continue my plan for brewing in house “drinks”. Hmmm, it seems I can make it “better” by distilled it. But first I must locate the distilling tools container.


One Response to “So after the fuel price, where is the bus?”

  1. Mark Summer

    I think its time you brush up your English rather than brew more drinks. Oh by the way, what you wrote is rather trite.

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