Oil hikes protest : first world vs 3rd world protest showcase

Posted On 02/03/2006

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When I learn that a protest about petrol hikes organised, the first thing that come into my mind is ” When the caravan passes, the dog barks”.

Is it effective?

After so many failure, it seems Malaysian that organise public protest is disoragnised and dumber than our ancestor that fight for independent.

Submission of memoradum is another dog barking practice. And the most classic dog barks that happens recently, are the memorandum submit to Prime Minister by six Chinese ministers.

In fact, the protest power for Malaysian are much easier to achieve than the pass. Our grandparents has teach us that, the country independents does not achieve by simple picketing, but must protest that using economy show down.

Here is a few examples

1. To protest the current state of suppressed press freedom
Actions : Whole Klang Valley residents stop buying ANY newspaper on 7th of the month for 3 days.

2. To protest the increase petrol hikes
Actions : All Klang Valley resident stay at home instead of going to shopping malls or any entertaiment center on first Saturday and Sunday of the month.

3. To protest the junks contents and excessive advertisement
Actions : Follow the international TV-turnoff week, stop watching any TV(including Pay-TV) on first Satuday and Sunday of April.

The above action are so simple and don’t need much resources. NGO and opposition can easily carried out the message to the public to carried out this simple process, whether by mouth passing or SMS.

However, it successfulness is depends on people understanding on civils rights and awareness. It is a indication whether Malaysia are still in 3rd world mentality.



3 Responses to “Oil hikes protest : first world vs 3rd world protest showcase”

  1. Planet Malaysia

    heheh, I dun think it’s going to work 😦

  2. jimmy

    Yeah, too many people glued to TV especially when American Idol is on.


    It worked!. All my family members (siblings, 10 families) adhere to this silent protest last weekend. Saving ? RM 100-300 (meals, petrol, toll, parking, the essential) per family. Cooked at home and listening to MP3/Radio/TV, but willingly to be slaughter by hawkers and wet marks trader for price increased ! (Lets the industry suffering send the meaasge across to those idiot leaders)

    TO BN leaders, we are more than willing to benifit the rich on the oil subsidies than the saving to goes into crony crooks’s pocket and bailing out GLC, the coffer dehydrators.

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