Car accident and smooth tyres

Posted On 15/03/2006

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I hates stupid drivers. It seems Klang Valley is full of driver that are not fit to drive a car.

Yesterday night, when I enter the junction to 1-Utama, the car in front me suddenly break. Because I always follow 3 seconds distance rules, it take me little effort to stop on time.

HOWEVER, the proton wira behind me does not make it : ASAP I break my car, within 1 seconds, I hear the tyre screeching sounds and WHAMPS. To my suprise, it cause little damage to my 15 years old japanese car except the bumper. But the wira drivers car suffer a major casualties, his left headlight and the left fender are total scraps.

Since I carried camera with me anytime, I start snapping the scene ASAP. And guess what I found out : The moron affords to put on 16inch rims and disc breaks, but can’t affort to change the tyre. All his 4 tyres threads almost gone, in facts, it is ILLEGAL to drive a car with a smooth tyre. The moron can acutally avoid the “accident” if he spend money on the tyres. I can’t stop thinking him as an idiot because the repairs bills to his car is definite cost 3 times more than new tyres(16 inch tyres cost around RM1000 for 4).

With all the pictures snapped, he can’t say much when we report the incidents.

Lesson learned :
1. You can prevent other moron to ramp you, but you can prevent yourself by ramping the car in front. So stop tailgating.
2. Always check your tyre thread
3. Always bring a camera with you


One Response to “Car accident and smooth tyres”

  1. Adam

    Yeah! I recently had my tyres changed and I was so surprised when the shop owner offered to buy my tyres. I was actually going to leave them there. He gave me rm30 for 3 tyres. Went back a few days later to find out that he had already sold them. And I had changed them because I didn’t have enough grip on rainy days. Shakes head.

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