A country that don’t learn the lesson

It is nothing new to Asean country people to NOT learning lesson from facts and history.

It is normal for politikus to blame and point finger to the wrong place when something happens. Always, the “cure” is worst than the problem itself.

As refer to the latest bolehland(TM) news, when 2 millions smart identify card lost in year 2001, bureaucart straight away blame it on the citizen whole held the card.

Well, it is similar to Bolehland court bigot judge that blame the victim wearing sexy cloth that attract rapist.

With a populations of 25 millions, 2 millions smartcard lost is a clear operation problem cause by the bureacratic registration department it self. It is impossible for 8% of individual report card lost in a year, and Bolehland can’t find the solution in year 2002. All in sudden, those jokers think hefty fine can reduce the lost of card.

It is not a suprise since most of the cabinet member of Bolehland are Yanza, It is a trivia why Bolehland citizen keep electing Yanza in place.


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