JB, Cowboy town and Lion land media

Posted On 08/04/2006

Filed under Food for thoughts

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Is it matter when Lionland media call describe JB as a cowboy town? Or Lionland media is giving Bolehland face when describe the place as cowboy town.

In facts, the whole Bolehland town/city/state planner is making the country a place that worse than cowboy town.

A cowboy town has its own rules and regulation to make sure stability of the place. However, it is not uncommon that people who incharge with the power will abuse it and make the whole town as their own properties.

Alas, in a cowboy town, you can always bring in some “justice” if the majority don’t like the current status. But for many Bolehland town/city/state, individual can only cover the head in sand and hope everything maintain status quo and pray.


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