Brew a cup of tea yourself

Posted On 17/04/2006

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I never have a cup of good tea from StarBucks and Coffee Bean. Perhaps the main reason of their overprised tea sucks is because they use tea bags instead of brewing it fresh from the pot.

Unlike the tools used by Coffee enthusia, brew a cup of tea is much easier than you think.

There is some tricks that many people didn’t know : China purple clay tea pot is an excellent tools to brew black tea, no matter you use it for premium tea like Darjeeling, Tipee Assam or even cheap CDC Chap Harimau tea.

1. Purple Clay tea pot ~ 500ml volume. If you want to get some huge 1 liter volume “pots”, you must buy it from specialise tea house like Purple cane . Slight more expensive but worth your $$$.

2. Any kind of Spoon.

3. A tea container if you want to make ice black tea.

1. Boiled water. Even boiled water from the electric kettle is good enough. If you boiled water from clay kettle, the tea will taste smoother.

2. For hot black tea, prepare full cream milk, skimmed milk. To make ice black tea, prepare some honey, use sugar if you don’t have honey.

3. Tea leaves. BOH Malaysia do sell some good tea at reasonable price. But it you want something special, I suggest BOH selection of Premium tea . It is not over priced as compare to ugly brand with china ahpek on it.

If you insist to use tea leaf, make sure you put at least 4 packs.

How to make a good cup of hot tea

1. Put tea into the tea pot. For 500ml pot, 6 tea spoon is for normal people, 10 tea spoon is for caffein addict. πŸ˜‰

2. Pour hot water.

3. Stir it for 2 minutes. If you like the tea strong, stir it longer, serve the after 2 minutes.

4. Put milk or sugar.

How to make good cup of ice tea
1. Follow step 1 to 2 as mentioned above.

2. Stir the tea for 3 minutes. If the water is not boiled, stir it for 5 minutes.

3. Pour the tea to a heat resistant container.

4. Put sugar and milk.

5. If you want to make honey ice tea, you must make sure the tea reach the room temperature before pouring the honey. NEVER EVER PUT honey inside any hot drinks.

6. Put it into the freezer or served with ice.

Why Purple clay pots matters
Even the Englishman so proud of their English tea, but stiring tea from either pewter or pottery pot are inperfect. The main issue of these pot are their ability of to withelding the temperature. Where the water temperature near the wall of the pot will cool down so fast that will create a violent water circulation within the pot.

Unlike the above mentioned pot, due to the pot clay mineral structure,

1. the pot are able to maintain the water temperature inside the pot evenly.

2. Thus, most tea leaf are stir evenly.

3. Unlike pottery, the clay structure are able to abosrd some of the bitterness ingredient from black tea.

4. Because tea leaf are stir evenly, if you pour the tea carefully, you will notice there is there is little tea powder (for CDC tea like chap harimau) pouring out even without using a filter.

5. The tea pot outflow are not smooth like English tea pot. Except the smallest tea pot, Chinese tea pot always come with filter within itself. Due to purple clay attributes, the fiiltering holes is sufficient to filter out most of the tea debris.

So Always keep a purple clay tea pot at home. If you have English gwai-low friend achi-achor about their tea culture, you know how to shut their mouth off.

This aritcle is proudly bring you by caffeinbar.

As usual, spelling and grammer error are not properly checked πŸ˜‰


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  1. Daniel

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Brew a cup of tea yourself, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong πŸ™‚

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