Malaysian hates Chipsmore(TM)

For more than a decades, Chipsmore(TM) “Now you see it, now you don’t” is famous due to many years promotions. Does Danone ever wonder, why after so many millions spends on ads and promotion, Chipsmore(TM) still failed to picked up sales like other product.

Perhaps Chipsmore(TM) advertiser never realise they are digging their own graveyard :
The jargon is the worst mantra for all working class and housewife. It is WORST during the salary week. And not to forget those SME(Small and medium enterprise) business that tight on money flow.

Accoding to the statistics, more than 50% Malaysian are in debts. This figures are worst among middle class. During month end, many people can hardly see their salary see the figures stay for 3 days. For a household, utilities bills can easily wipe out 5%-10% of the money bringer salary. For those who work in Malaysia urban areas, the car loan will gulf up 10-20% of their salary. Oh yes, don’t forget that now the Bank cartel pay less than 1% interest in saving but charge your 6%-9% on loans.

If you are above mentioned middle class, every time you take Chipsmore(TM), it will remind you the hefty debts and the fucking politikus & spin doctor “Change your lifestyle” speech.

Even children migth likes the Chipsmore(TM) ads, but failing to win the money bringer heart, the product will end up no where. Nobody is going to buy a product that keep rubbing salt on their wound.

I will not be suprised if Chipsmore(TM) will become the first product that will meet its own jargon destiny.

“Now you see it,

now you don’t”