? : Pretend theft extortion at Bolehland **IA

Posted On 09/05/2006

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From a mail that someone forward me. This sounds scary. If the airport CCTV fail to capture those incidents , then Bolehland International Airport can be the easiest airport in terrorist eyes.

Huh, talking about “international cybernet against terrorist”. 😉

Let’s see whether Bolehland Pretending Doing Royal Mandate willing to “demystify” this “RUMOUR” or not. By the way, reminder to commenters, all this happens in Bolehland, nothing to do with any real country. 😉 If you associate this with a real country, I reserve my rights to snip them.


A few days ago a new type of crime has surfaced in town.
It goes something like this:- Somebody slips a handphone into your pocket.
sometimes it could be just a wallet with an identity card and a few
ringgits. A few minutes later, the ‘owner’ comes up and confronts you, the
‘thief ‘. He makes a big commotion that you stole his stuff. You, caught
unaware, are then pulled aside by the ‘owner’ for a settlement you are
intimidated and threatened that if you do not pay up the police will be
brought in. If you pay up, this ‘owner’ lets you go. If not, the police
are brought in.

Another strange thing is that there always seems to be a ‘witness’ to the
your ‘theft’. I am told this often happens to foreigners at the **IA (***** ****** International Airport) or even at LRT trains. Given that
you’re ‘guilty until proven innocent’ as far as the Malaysian police are
concerned, I understand some poor people are in jail for these ‘offences’.
At the **IA, the ‘owner’ throws his handphone and wallet with the few
ringgit notes into the luggage trolley of a just arrived passenger. The
drama unfolds a few minutes later. The real culprit has ea sily convinced
our Malaysian police to arrest the real victim (if he has not paid up the
‘settlement’ demand). This is a very serious matter. This is another form
of extortionists operating in broad daylight. They are disgusting
criminals who will do anything to rob and steal. The sickening part of the
whole scenario is that unless you pay the “quoted settlement” money, they
will put you in real trouble by calling the police. The real culprit gets
back his handphone and wallet but the real victim (i.e. could be any one
of us) is thrown into the police lock up and charged in court. So do be
very careful, otherwise you may end up as a “thief” as you have no way to
prove your innocence.

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