Hornbill state voters should blame nobody but themselves

Hornbill speak

Only in Bolehland Hornbill state, hornbill will chirk in “Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap” sounds.

For many years, natives in Hornbill state cry foul about exploiltation from Bolehland Penisular. Ironically, more than 40 years, those natives did not keep into account of inflations, many still accept the cheap bribery to cast their votes.

It is an open secret to Horbill state urban voters, the native tribes, Duckyat , Mauknow and PikaChiu are popular target and recipient of these cheap votes buying.

Accroding to some consipiracy theory, TaiKoon in Hornbill state can easily WIN 8 to 10 constitutions by spending less than US$200,000. At the end, the return is 50-100 times better than the money spend.