Speaking so and so language will bring world unity!

Besides politicians, some people are born with kick arse brain that can’t think straight. Only idiot think monologue can solve humanity society unity problem.

Try asking this monologue promoter why German is split to east and west after world war 2, those people can answer you straight from the history book. But when you counter them with the “Language vs unity” thing for 40 years of Germany separation , you will fried their pathethic peanut brains nerfs. Because political-social-economy is too complicate for their brain.

After reading “speaking of fluent Malays will bring unity ” stuff from this blogger , I feel want to smack his face for failure of thinking straight.

Monologue will not

  • prevent a robber from robbing you.
  • Prevent your neighbour envy your newly acquire imported car
  • give you more discount in supermarket
  • gurantee a salaries hikes
  • Make you more intelligent
  • boost the stock market index

If everything are social-economy related, then what the fuck they keep promoting monologue.