Lawyatt fake branded DVD media

Posted On 06/06/2006

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I don’t trust any IT shop in Lawyatt Plaza that selling any branded label media.

Having too much bad experience of backing up Gigabytes of data on unbranded DVD media, I only trust a few brand of DVD for my data. The bad news is, Malaysia are heaven for pirates. Those label prove nothing unless you are access the substances.

Using Nero Toolkit CD Speed, putting a branded “Mitsubishi 1x-16x DVD-R” just reveal it’s true identities. Indeed, it is a “relabeled” faked stuff, a Verbatim 4x DVD-R. My 16xDVD writer speed just stop at 4x speed after inserting the Disc.

Since the economy are so bad, I just can’t return the DVD-R back to the shop, as consumer rights is none to existent in the country, and don’t forget the hassle of going down town paying for petrol and parking.

Thanks to unscruplus vendors and lame dog MITI, dupliacte 2nd DVD is no longer secure. Welcome to the edge of multiplicate.


One Response to “Lawyatt fake branded DVD media”

  1. ylchong

    hi moo_t:
    Off-topic, can? OR cunt!
    Anywayz, Desi is dictatorial having learnt under 22 yaers of ….regime!~~
    Firts time Desi successfully connected with thee via your Blog! So I’m bringing along 2 barrelsfool of teh-C minus the suGAR!

    Secondly, art thou from Sabah?
    If yes, I need to connect with that CASH fellow, you give me a lead? Thanks in advance, i dunno about the cheQ!
    If I get anything, give thee 30% CONm…:(

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