EPF member investment scheme losses: how mainstream media FAIL YOU

CAP has issue the warning many years ago when Bolehland EPF start promoting the scheme.

Due to poor consumer awarness, many Bolehland EPF holder fail to read the message from CAP and become prey of the investment scheme. It is sad because millions dollars of losses can be avoided if these people subcribe the monthly CAP papers and read the unbiased analysis in depth.

To rub salt to the wound, Bolehland mainstream media HAS FAILED to inform these joe public about the risk of the investment scheme. It is obvious that all mainstream media neglect their role to inform the public in order to get their advertisement share from trust manager invovled in the scheme.

money fly

Coincidently, a blogger in the parallel universe report the similar incidents. You can read the full blog(from parallel universe) here : EPF Member’s Investment Scheme

Bolehland : A country in parallel universe
CAP : A consumer assoicate in Bolehland.