Hydroxene : Boleh or tak boleh

Posted On 16/08/2006

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Reading news from the blogger/portal site is pretty interesting. Sometime they dig up interesting news that get ignore by people like me.

From the sarcastic desiderata site, I just learn that another fuel saving technology breakthrough is achieved by a professor from a research center reside in Putrajaya.

Water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen through high compression nano-technology before being pumped into the fuel line, he said.
Dr Halim is quick to add that the technology is difficult to copy, as it has a “secret recipe” which very few people know about.

And the best part

He said that although he has received offers to sell the technology, some offers amounting to US$26mil (RM95.7mil), he had no intention of letting foreign parties get hold of it.

Yarright, why sell the pattern when you have something make you richer than Bill Gates ?
Even getting a “Tun” title is not a problem.