Blood thirsty media and “nobody” family tragedy

Posted On 05/12/2006

Filed under Food for thoughts

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The recent episode of the family suicidal-man-slaughtering tragedy is bad enough. But when you think it cannot be worst, the media just turn the whole thing into cheap blood-thirsty news chase.

It is fucking wrong as we all learn that the municipal council crooks in Klang that build multi-million castle does not enjoy as much publicity as compare to this “nobody” family. Even all the recent “semuanya ok” game play fail to gain the front page privilege. Apparently, this “nobody” family are easy and safe subject under the current “creditable” local media piranha practice.

Local media love to claim their “ethical practice” and condemn the western media “paparazi” work to expose the public figures life and scandals. The suicidal tragedy show the local media “ethical practice” only apply to “RICH and POWERFUL”; while Joe public are easy target to feed their blood thirsty headline.

And some jokers controlling the local media “WANT” the blogger to be “ethical”.


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