Expected 2007 GST havoc : sales and service tax cheats

Posted On 19/12/2006

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Did the government tell you that what is GST (Good and Service Tax)?
Yes, but not in open form as the so called 9MP.

Did the media tell you that from year 2007 retailer/service provider will start charging you GST?
Nope, they choose to down play the issue as much as possible.

Are you aware that when GST implemented, sales tax and service tax will be abolised?
I bet no.

So when the shop/restaurant charge you sales tax, service tax and 5% GST, they are conducting the crime of cheating.

Guess when those f*cker minister going to make announcement to “catch” and prosecute retailer/service provider that cheat to include the sales and service tax. And expect retailer/service provider to cry fowl for “not being informed” and “confusion”.

Reference :
Goods and Services Tax (GST)

What is Goods and Service Tax (GST) and how it works


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