YOU control the media!

Posted On 22/12/2006

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YOU, don’t need to wait the Time to say,

” You control the media now and the world will never be the same.”

YOU don’t need to wait the country Internet population reach 50% to do it. If many of YOU refuse to fork out the RM1.20 to buy the paper, it will bring changes to the media world.
It is not a dream for YOU. Take the first step.
Reference :

Forget 2006


One Response to “YOU control the media!”

  1. Jibone

    I don’t read newspapers, not the hardcopy version. I don’t watch prime time news on TV too. I get my info from the blogosphere. Am I making any changes to the media?

    Beside TIME magazine seems to think I am the person of the year, and yes I control the media,9171,1569514,00.html

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