Malaysia flood : Price of dealing it with wrong people

Posted On 23/12/2006

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You may call me insensitive. Well, let me put down my point.

When compare to the massive volume of flood trouble, no country are able to beat China. The Yellow river is the worst source of flood in China. It is the most troublesome river to manage as annually, the sandstorm will bring thousands tons of sand to the river from the desert. The water volume are 100 times more than any river that causing flood in South Penisular Malaysia.

Unlike the Yellow River, none of the Malaysia river suffer the annual massive sand residue problem. Most of the mud wash down which increase the river bed are indeed man made, e.g. illegal logging, bad mud regulation in housing project; red tape from local council that refuse passing enforcement power to drainage departmnet,etc.

In fact, the flood of the South Penisular Malaysia are avoidable. If you look at Singapore, you will be suprise that the island does not recieve less rain compare to the flooded regions. And Singapore is not known to install any expensive Stormwater control system compare to Malaysia.

For Malaysia, the flood control is much simple compare to the Yellow river, as the people are not dealing with massive landscape and powerful nature force.

Actually, increasing the depth of river bed is just a single magnitude thinking of solving the food problem. Similar to the traffic congestion problem, we can never build highway to cater ever increasing traffic volume. So we must start tackle the SOURCE.

One of the simple way to complement the drainage system is water catchment system. By reducing the volume of rain water flusing down to the drainage system, it will create buffer time for the water flowing to the sea. With 2.8 millions population, hundred thousands of home and office premises, if 100,000 building holding 500 liters of water, they are restraining 50 millions cubic meter of water to the river.

It is effective and don’t even cost RM 1 billions compare to the SMART system in Kuala Lumpur. By giving tax deduction and other incentive, it will give the will to the people installing the water catchment/reservoir system.

Alas, Malaysia government is well know of thinking making money “1 stop solution” vs multitude thinking solutions that works. I don’t expect such simple solution will put on use for next 50 years, not until people become smarter to vote for a competent administration.


One Response to “Malaysia flood : Price of dealing it with wrong people”

  1. freelunch2020

    hey, tks for dropping by my blog
    agree that it is about solving the SOURCE of the problem.
    tapi kan we are malaysians, so we just fire-fight la.
    nice blog. have bookmarked it. nice meeting u, i c that u r desi’s friend too πŸ˜€

    moo_t : Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚ . Β  Well, I am “early batch” of desi reader :-S

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