South Peninsular Malaysia Flood Relief: Red Tape? Incompetency ? Or plain ignorance?

Posted On 26/12/2006

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The southern Peninsular of Malaysia flood just enter 2nd week, more than 88,000 people are displaced in 3 Malaysia states(Johor, Melaka and Pahang).

Despite the rejection of foreign aid, Malaysia Prime minister has yet to declare emergency state for the flooded region. On the other hand, the bloated, incompetent local councils just show their deficiency over the disaster relief works.

While various organization show up to relief the flood victim, it seems our Prime minister still think the flood is similar to annual recurrence flood events in East Coast.

Why Pak Dollah refuse to declare state of emergency to mobilize the army force? Without the military resources, it will take MONTHS to restore the order, clean up the muds, disinfect the flood area. After all, army force are well trainer personnel compare to the team of professional.

If the state government REFUSE to get help from trained organisation such as Red Crescent, TzuChi; why can’t they sent the distress call to the PutraJaya, declare emergency state and get the help from the arm forces.

After checking the latest news, Red Crescent is sending out distress call to get more aided items. However, from the Newspaper, it seems those show-face political parties aid is overwhelming real professional organization like Red Crescent.
Alas, it seems SAVING FACE is more important for all Menteri Besar. Or perhaps, those so call “Big people” are shock by the flood and can’t think of any rational action/solutions. Damn it, with such scale, the state government just don’t have the resources to clear the mess. Only the army has enough man power and resources to take care aftermath of the flood.

Unless the state government are thinking of outsourcing the relief works to private sector?
God blessed the flood victims.


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