Major floods may become Johor annual event

Posted On 03/01/2007

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Floods in Johor state just enter the third weeks. When looking at the speed of the water subsides to the river, and the way Bolehland government handling the disaster, the flood victim stand little chances to avoid recurrence flood in the future. In my opinion, major flood may become annual events to Johor states.

It is obvious that Bolehland government will announce gravy train budget to improve the drainage system in Johor state, but it will never fix the root of the problem : the development process just damage the natural flood control system beyond repair. A mechanism to withheld and slow down the speed of rain water flushing down to the river is the only way to prevent future floods.

Since the country policies maker are more keen on own gains than manage the country, major floods will be inevitable during the raining season. I will not be surprised if “raised” kaki-lima house become new architectural trends in Johor. Instead of pressuring the policies maker, many will choose the passive way combating the flood.
Nevertheless, Johor people will blame the floods as nature disaster than getting the situation fix : as frogs swim inside slow boiling water.


One Response to “Major floods may become Johor annual event”

  1. azman

    How does our beloved Singapore Mr Lee do the sistem perparitan over there? We can definitely hire some of their town planners

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