Father of the instant noodle passed away

Posted On 07/01/2007

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There is a name Malaysian should remember : Ando Momofuko, father of instant noodle.
From slashdot.org, posted by Chained Fei, “Ando Momofuku 安藤百福, Father of the Instant Ramen, passed away on January 5th at the age of 96″.

Compare to the traditional dried noodle, his invention allow people prepare the noodle in plain water, without boiling.


One Response to “Father of the instant noodle passed away”

  1. Jibone

    Thanks for sharing, He’s instant noodles might just me the most important invention in this century.

    ezra, Jibone : and his invention is handy during the previous and present floods. He should be award the Noble prize. 🙂

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