Waterland Johor 2007 : A gift from incompetent government

Posted On 12/01/2007

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Kota Tinggi, the “high town” now turn into the water land. All flood news show all sort of passive response from the government over the flood control.

Heavy rain? Non-stop rains?How many time the authority had to use lame excuses to cover their incompetency.

I can’t believe it since this is year 2007, not the old time 1960, 1970. Even in 1970, children in school is taught about the concept of rain water. After the Johor flood, rain is imminent when the part flood water evaporate into the air! I don’t need a smart politikus to tell me meteorology forecast.
The authority get use to the “Tidak Apa”, “Semua ok” altitude too much. These jokers just think problem will disappear when water recede. They just aim for the SIMPLE relief works and pray that will “earning” some votes from the pathetic goodies hand out.

The mother nature are not forgiven. The receding flood water also bring along tons of muds, rubbish into the river, shallow the river banks. Not to forget the flood also wash away tons plant that protect the earth from washing away. In short, the natural water restraining capabilities in flood aftermath area is NOT taken seriously. Perhaps the Johor drainage (river, monsoon drain,etc) capacity is reduce by 50% after the flood. So it should be repair ASAP, the emergency of drainage repair works is comparable to human aid.

With enough resources, the flood can be curbed by redirecting water to other drainage system; install water catchment system in small scale.

Looking into Pak Dollah Play it again , I think the gahmen will wait for nature to set its cause. Perhaps people in Johor will celebrate a “wet” Chinese new year in year 2007 (and the year after).


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