Photo : Playing Eye on Malaysia “light treats”

Posted On 16/01/2007

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Shooting fixation landmark is boring. Let’s play on little light TREAT on “Eye On Malaysia”.

If you know the basic ,anyone can shoot with little of hatlight tricks No photoshop skill require.

Two wheel in a row

Two water mill in a row.

Twin Wheel

Two wheels better than one.

The spindle

The Giant spindle.
Will reveal the light trick if “enough” comments asking for it. 😉 Simple tricks but take time to explain.


2 Responses to “Photo : Playing Eye on Malaysia “light treats””

  1. lilian

    Slow shutter speed?

    Eh, I add yr blog to feeds, ok?

    moo_t: More than that. hehehehehe. Thanks for adding me.  :p

  2. freelunch2020

    nice 😀 looks like kipas 😀

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