Floods : Now they toying with cloud seeding

Posted On 17/01/2007

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In the latest news, some people in the government bet of creative way to reduce the rain in the flood area : cloud seeding. Oh, yes, this idea is not from the meteorology department, but some “National Security Division”.

I am quite surprise that, instead of appealing to send more arm forces to help the affected area , this National Security Division is coming out with such clueless, expensive and impractical idea. IMHO, this National Security Division guy use the pretend scientist idea to get media attention. Such bullsh*t actually safe bet for his carrier gains :
– If it doesn’t rain, the flood will recede anyway, credit still be with him
– If it does rain on the sea, even UNRELATED area, he can claim it is his idea.
– Even rain continue to pour on flood region, he can easily give excuses that say,”oh, it doesn’t work”.

Yeah, after spending at least RM100,000 on the cloud seeding (fuel, cloud seeding material).
I use the word “toying” because the whole area is not thinking throughly with scientific analysis. For such idea, the first think come into mind is the wind speed and air pressure to pin point for cloud seeding. It seems without the meteorology input and scientific calculation, some smart-alecks can point and finger to the map on open sea, say “ala-khazam” and the floods problem will go away.

In fact, unless there is superman that can create a low air pressure area to draw away the rain cloud, otherwise, the flood area will get a few down pour. This is practical science : water evaporate from the flood water will create cloud. When the drop of water in the cloud is too heavy to sustain in the sky, rain will fall.

Blogger __Earth has notified that the experiment request is indeed come from meteorology department. Credit should due to meteorology department.
To date, there is no clear evident to show cloud seeding is effective in curbing flood. In land rain forming from massive water evaporation is still the main reason of aftermath flood.


2 Responses to “Floods : Now they toying with cloud seeding”

  1. __earth

    According to the Star, it was requested by the Met Dept. And I am sure the Met knows climatology and even elementary water cycle.

    Anyway, it would be a short-term preventive measure if the experiment is successful. Further, in the future, if the experiment is successful, it could be used for future would-be disaster.

    I feel we would do better if we tackle the issue at its source rather than keeping on repairing the damage.

  2. lilian

    Heh, Malaysia Boleh mah. Mother Nature oso takut with our technology wei.

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