Batu Talam : BN another immature move, qualification personal attack backfired

This is an Cut and Paste post I borrow from Susan Loone blog, title Should the UMNO candidate go to TAR University also?

In a press statement, Deputy Finance Minister 1 and MCA Women chief Ng Yen Yen, criticised him for his low education status, which is up to SPM(school certificate) level only……..However, Ms. Ng retracted her statement in less than 12 hours. Her information and publicity bureau informed the press to do the necessary.Because apparently the UMNO candidate himself was also a SPM holder.

Nevertheless, I have put a comment in the blog: NYY just make an personal attack on the candidates education level.

Bare in mind that, in 1st world country, voter doesn’t bother you qualification, but you capabilities and rally mandates. Any candidates use it to attack the other candidates is consider immature and bad taste. Because voters are concern about the mandate and vision of the candidate, which affect their daily life. There will be no lesson for most Malaysian, they just don’t sense the importance of rally mandates vs qualification : the candidates flying qualification titles has nothing to do with your everyday life !


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