The true spirit of freedom of speech also embrace those who against it

Posted On 19/01/2007

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It won’t take long for the correspondence entities to down play Malaysia blogger support roles using common.

I always view the tame blog arena – moNSTer another collective entities lacking independent characters. After browsing through the servo fire from moNSTer, titled Malaysian Blogosphere Goes Into Fever Frenzy Over NSTP Suit , it just confirmed my though. should the author, Sharizal Shaarani , forget to put his signature below the article, I will though it is yet another faceless journalist article than a blog.

It is just too time consuming to point out an article that mangling with relevance logic.

On the other hand, I must remind blogger that running the support campaign to avoid common mistake which give bullet to people who against it.

Those who practice freedom of speech must remember that :
The true spirit of freedom of speech also protect people who against it.

How ironic. Anti-Free Speech can censored your voice but free speech can do the otherwise. It is undeniable the rules of speech freedom are suppose to be broad and embrace all ideas. As in the spirit of “I don’t agree with you, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it’.

Speech Freedom set subset

What about “absolute freedom of speech”?

Anyone who study the philosophy of logic, they will learn “absolute freedom of speech” does not exist, because it defy the logic of freedom of speech. This can be show using “exclusive logic”. Borrow the rules of the freedom :

When one use the freedom to INVADE and abolish others freedom, there will be no freedom to the other

In fact, the restraint of freedom is GREATER than without it. To achieve true freedom, one must also take care of factor to protect other people freedom. So the true freedom is much delicate than we though. Like holding thin China porcelain walking on thin ice, it breaks easily and difficult to fix.

So please handle it with care.


One Response to “The true spirit of freedom of speech also embrace those who against it”

  1. freelunch2020

    agree 😀 i wished more would see this side of the story 😀

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