Photo : Is shooting fireworks a no-brainer game ?

Posted On 24/01/2007

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Is shooting fireworks a no-brainer game ?

Yes and no.
Basically, with a tripod and wide angel lens, anyone can shoot fireworks photo.


This is casual shooting

But shooting gorgeous fireworks require good preparation and luck. You must learn the height of the fireworks, coverage area, the composition, foreground, background and others factor. Companion like Natural Density(ND) filter is also handy.

Because the fireworks is about shooting the light trails, unless photographer afford to bring few camera,otherwise, they must decide shutter opening duration . 8 secs trail will show more but might make the shots clutter with too much trails. While 4 sec might be too “simple”.

Most of the time, photogs just keep clicking the shutter release non-stop. There is no of rehearsal fireworks show. But for Eye on Malaysia fireworks show is rare exception. Any photogs that watch and shots the fireworks more than 3 times and fail to get a gorgeous shot, they should go take hotography course.

Anyway, nobody can denied that the live show is many times magnificent than the photo image.


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