Putrajaya Flora parade : MalaysiaN Boleh, but….

Posted On 28/01/2007

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A total of pathetic18 floats participate in the parade. A total of pathetic18 floats participate in the parade. Among 18, only 2 floats come from private sector.

And QSR, the holding company for KFC and pizza huts, one of the private participation, display poor taste commercial float that MoT should have screen out in the first place.

worst float
Oh my dear, see the chicken and huge KFC, have a bites of globalisation. It is hard to argue when when tourist assume Malaysian poor taste by taking this as example. I am speechless when I saw this.

Since 95% (16 out of 18) are from various state, it is pretty fun to guess which state and artistic taste of various state government department.

Marching Band

Tent to keep the floats for public visit for 3 days

Since I have attend few festival with theme parade, I really can’t find any word to praise the government organized floral parade. Unprofessional, harsh and poor planning seems is the only word I can find.

1. Pathetic event. Only 2 privates float joining the parade. It make people wonder, is private sector no keen to join? Or the MoT make the events in rush. One of the private float are deem kitsch(worst than poor taste), cover with so many commercial brands/advertisement.

2. Unprofessional uniform personnel. In such events, few brats is enough to spoil the whole team.

3. Poor arrangement. There is a 10 minutes break for each float passing by. Rather “interesting” method to prolong the parade.

4. Crowd participation preparation. Before the parade start, the uniforms people has arrange people stand 15 meters away from the parade route. This is rather funny, since this will make the site view worst than TV broadcast. At the end, perhaps some uniforms personnel notice this error and narrow the distance between the floats and the crowd.

5. Short route. Less than 1.5km.

6. “Interesting” lost and found arrangement. With such a large crowd, it is common for children to get lost. When I heard the announcement of “Parents of so and so ,please go to which ABC for your child”, I am rather amuse, because there is no clear labeling where is the lost and found arrangement venue. I’m surprise that there is more than 5 parade happens in PutraJaya, and yet, the administration still haven’t learn anything from previous experience.

7. Participants rest place and refreshment. See marching band scatter around PutraJaya. Nice scenic view and quite photogenic. But I am quite surprise when some of them buy food/drinks from the hawkers tents. The administration seems is taken this people for granted. (how much does it cost for MoT to arrange a refreshment tents for 15 marching bands?)

Don’t ask me for “constructive suggestion”. I will say f*ck-U.
The administrative are suppose to do their work! If they can’t do perform their job, my critiques alone is enough to point out their mistake. They are paid to make improvement, not me! If you want my constructive suggestion, first pay me, then there will be constructive suggestion and work.

blog derrickflc has a good review of each floats sit inside the tent


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