ELiTE Project, when 8+7+3 turn to 8+10+0

Posted On 30/01/2007

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My cronies Desi, Freelunch
mentioned some interesting
ELiTE project .
Nothing wrong when you look at the ELiTE agenda, but the substance resemble to dancer hat-tricks.

A pilot project to give Year One students 18 English lessons a week instead of the present eight

So it is 8 English course, adding 10 extra English course, to make 18 English course.


Mathematics and Science lessons, of which there are seven and three periods a week respectively, effectively turned into English lessons

So indeed, there is no extra time, but 10 extra course are deduct from the math and science teaching.

The Mathematics and Science teachers will continue teaching their pupils but their focus will be to get the seven-year-olds more comfortable with the English language….. He said pupils would still study Mathematics and Science but designed to familiarise them with spelling, reading and writing in English.

Oh my God . So the Math and Science teacher still teaching English? Where is retraining plan for these teacher? The later statement really give me a logic headache.

Using the logic, the only different of ELiTE and previous program are :
Chuckling science and math in English to the student at MUCH SLOWLY RATE.

Why the policy maker never use their brain with common sense.

In fact, language is a difficult tools to master. To learn another alien(non-mother tongue) language, there is no shortcut besides increase the time on the language itself. Mangling the language with other subject just create more confusion among the student.

MoE should increase the hours of English teaching and stop fucking around with the other subject! They should use the extra English period for something more relevant to English, such as English story book reading session.


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