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Posted On 30/01/2007

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This challenge sound simple. Just 5 novelist.

What if you went the Klang Valley city hot spot such as KLCC Suria, MidValley, 1-Utama, out of 200 people, guess how many of these “middle-class” can give you a solid answer?

If naming 5 novelist name sounds difficult, what if we narrow the criteria : List 5 novelist/books from your ethnic traits, even you never read the books.

Do you know your own cultural heritage?

My own answer (I cheat, because I read some of this book when I am 9)

  • Jing Yong 金庸, Present day “wuxia” novelist. Return of Condor Heroes
  • Lor Guan Zhong 罗贯中(AD1330-AD1400): Evolution of Three Kingdom (the games Romance of 3 Kingdom is base on this novel)
  • Wu Chen Ern 吴承恩(AD 1506-1582) : Journey to the west (alternate name : story of the Moneky king )
  • Shi Ma Chien 司马迁 (BC145-AD87?) : Xi Ji (History)
  • Gu Long 古龙 (1936- 1985) – Wuxia Novelist. Famous quote : the most dangerous place is the safest place. Vice versa
  • Ni Kuang 倪匡 – Chinese science fictions novelist

Malaysia novelist/novel. I only know few. Multi-lingual proficiency blogger such as Jeff Ooi have a long list of it. (Jeff Ooi is a Chinese, then can typical Malay produce a long list a well?)

  • Munshi Abdullah. Sejarah Melayu
  • Shit. (I forgot the writer name)
  • Kisah Siti Norhalizah (I forgot the writer name. Blush…because I see and talk to the writer before)

Malaysia Chinese and English novelist – No idea. Since most Chinese writer wrote essay for living, market for novel are limited. 😦 Not sure about Malaysia English novelist conditions.

p/s: This is not a meme.


2 Responses to “Name 5 novelist”

  1. freelunch2020

    local novelists are….ke ke ke….
    chinese novelists? malaysian novelists? ke ke ke

  2. Maverick

    ke ke ke… U are haveing a good go.

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