CNY Meme : Name 5 cultural substances – updates

Posted On 09/02/2007

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Name 5 cultural substances from your own culture and briefly describe it. It can be a relic, person, instrument, novel, food, festival, etc. Let see how many people get the origin correct. kekekekeke.

If you can’t think of any from you own culture, Just name ANY cultural substances(even cultural stuff from Arctics) that you know very well. Remember, google and wikipedia is your friend. 🙂

Here is my list about Chinese Cultural substances.

1. Xi Ji (History, by Shi Ma Chien 司马迁 (BC145-AD87?). A book that wrote the story of mystical era to BC117, with 130 chapters. Most work on 7 warring states (BC469-BC221) , including the first China Emperor, Qing Shi Wang are base on Xi Ji. A historical “google” searching engine and novelist. An crucial part of sinology.

2. Journey to the West by Wu Cheng En 吴承恩((AD 1506-1582). The imaginative character are well known and take place as proverb in Mandarin cultures. The Manga “Dragon ball” main character, Wu-Kong are base on the monkey in the story. p/s : If you never come across this book, grab the English translation, Monkey: A Folk-Tale of China (1942) , an abridged translation by Arthur Waley. Do not let the Buddisim Character limit yourself. It is also a part of important study in sinology (It is Gwai-lou that start the work on sinology)

3. Gu Qin. 7 string plucked instrument. One of the oldest music instrument in the world still playing today. It is known as a solo instrument. Gu Qin paying are quite rare in Malaysia since early Chinese immigration rarely comprise of scholar.

4. Steaming fish. Believe it or not. No other(Zil, none!) culture than Chinese learn to cook fish by steaming.

5. Chinese tea ceremony. In Malaysia, “Yam Char” is a well known verb. Even the localise corruption term “duit minum teh” is derive from it, and the “duit minum kopi” is use interchangeably. The main reason tea is used in early day because premium Chinese Tea leaf fetch a high price. A more refine version of the ceremony are GongFu tea ceremony.

I’ll tag 5xmom, Lulu , Maverick , “The” Suanie .

Feel free to join the bandwagon. 🙂

2020freelunch just done it here.
freelunch2020 said,

February 7, 2007 at 8:46 pm · Edit

ok esp since i english ed doesnt mean i dunno my culture although i admit i’ve not read the classics except for art of war~~ 😀
5 cultural substances
Shi Huang Ti ~ the first emperor of China who unified all the warring states and form the ‘country’. build the great wall, which essentially joined all the disparate walls 😀
Great Wall of China (;D) ~ the great defence against the Mongols + also a 7th wonder of the world that can be seen from space (the only structure??) it is rumoured that many died and were buried within the wall. the system of alerts is based on torches~~like most during that time
Gu-Zheng? (Chinese harp) ~ the one always see on TV chinese series one…the lovely lady will be playing this instrument in some coutryard witha pond…
Mooncake / Mid-Autumn Festival ~~~ the legend goes the mooncake was part of some resistance movement? (hahahahhaha not sure about this one la)
BAO ~ the ORIGINAL FAST FOOD as you could have meat + carbo inside and it’s easy to carry around 😀
A bonus one——> ANG POW —hhahhahahahaha—cos chinese is obsessed with $$$$$

i believe in cultural exchange…and generally a more tolerant and open society like UK..many cultures but open..more open la~~~~
BUT CULTURE is not dependent on SKIN COLOUR~~and ANYONE CAN CHOOSE ANY CULTURE>.just cos I am yellow, i choose to embrace a more Western culture…actually i mix whatever is useful to me 😀

My crony
desi ylchong said,

February 9, 2007 at 5:31 pm ·

Okay, I join the FUN-d hear!
(1) Pau—soft velvety flour-made dumpling, with prok inside, or for sweettooth, raed or black bean paste
(2) Teng lung—lantern, lighted during a Chinese festival like New Year or Autumnal/ Moon-Cake Festival (moo-t, corrrect me if NOT autumn, I come from evergreen forever naked gals lying on the beach awe yaer round tropics)
(3) Huang Ti—Emperor, generic , no shi-shi. I heard there was one Emperor Chong, Chung or Choong but he was slaughtered at birth and his throne was usurped by Five Flowers Queen.
(4) Yum-Cha—I’m using the Kantonis version because IF I pronounce the Manadrin way, I could be miss-understood as “poisoned tea”. Don’t wanna to flighten your Guests away, Moo_t!
(5) Hoong pau—red-coloured “Pau”! (see Definition in (1).

PS: Now, moo-t: Am i steal a Banana?

moo_t : Not enough sub-stance leh 😉 . Never mind hehehehe.
1. Pau without filling is call “Man-Tou”. It depends it is from rich region(with filling) or poorer region(without filling).
2. Teng lung parade can be pretty grand and complex 😉
3. Not sure about five flower queen. I only know the Tang Dynasty queen kill her infant daughter to frame some other queen and poison his husband to take over the throne.
4. Yum-cha… hehehe as long as people don’t misunderstood it as some “Yam” dessert 😉
5. Actually I only notice the Red packet is actually “modern” invention after reading wiki. 😉


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  1. lilian

    Huwah, so chim wan, how I write lah. I langsung dunno Mandarin, how to start eh? Later kena crossed out by you, mah sei?

  2. suanie


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