Photo : Melaka River and the 2 meters resident

Posted On 09/02/2007

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The Monitor Lizard (2 meters in length, including tail) is famous resident of Melaka river
Monitor lizard

Unfortunately, the pillar works and restructure of Melaka river has make a nuisance for this resident. Most of the river banks are heighten and the muddy eco system, growing ground for mud crabs and mud skipper, food source of monitor lizard has disappear. Our poor friend, like many urban creatures, rely on fish and tourist trash to survive. To take a sun bath, the monitor lizard must be careful not to swim across river bank that lack a stair or slope.

The upper streams (2km away from here) mud land still exist. However, the monitor lizard prefer the mud land next to the residential area. Melaka is the only place in Malaysia with a thriving river city and eco system. Hopefully, the riverbank strengthen work will restore the mud land for our monitor lizard.

river view


One Response to “Photo : Melaka River and the 2 meters resident”

  1. SK

    Which part of Melacca River is this? Near to which landmark building? I would love to visit this place.

    The place looks so beautiful and when I first saw this, I thought this is out of Malaysia, LOL!

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