Photo : Mirror mirror on the wall

Posted On 14/02/2007

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Melaka Street shot

What happens when you put many mirrors together?


If a vampires capable to manipulate minds to see them, why they can’t manipulate mind to see them from the mirror? Perhaps truth is otherwise.


In the China novel, A Dream of Red Mansions (红楼梦), a Taoist monk gave a special mirror to JiaDuanZao. Both side of the mirror are able to reflect stuff. The main side are showing the ugly naked truth, while the other face are showing the pretty but distorted truth.

The image from the camera view finder are actually mirror reflection.


3 Responses to “Photo : Mirror mirror on the wall”

  1. freelunch2020

    nice photos..gong xi gong xi n happee vday

  2. freelunch2020

    am inspired to read Dream of Red Chamber now>.>>>>

  3. ET

    mirror mirror on the wall, what is the truth?

    nice pics, i like it.

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