Drive safely is not enough, you need to be telepathic

Posted On 15/02/2007

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Reading michael Ooi recent blog about a near miss accident , it make me recall a similar incident happens to me many years ago.

It is after a day work, my colleague is driving us back from Alor Setar back to Kuala Lumpur. When we are close to the Ipoh, the night fall. A 10 meters lumber trailer lumber is driving around 80km/h 30 meters in front of us. Since my colleague saw the turning sign arrow 200 meters away, he decide to overtake the lumber trailer.

Alas, for no apparent warning, it seems the trailer driver also taking the cue and decide to accelerate. Since I sit on the left side of the passenger seat, I notice the lumber trailer peculiar behavior. As a driver, I know that my colleague will not notice the speeding lumber trailer. I warn my colleague about the lumber trailer peculiar behavior and he decide to slow down to 80km/h.

When we reach the curve, we are shocked to found that the lorries are swoosh pass us and make a stunt and occupied all 3 highway lanes to take the turn.

My colleague hit the break and thankfully, the car take a steady stop before the passing by trailer. While in horror, we watch the lumber trail zoom pass us like a dark monster within second. We estimate the Lorry are speeding around 120 km/h just to overtake us and make the turn.

Near miss

Aftermath, we are grateful that my colleague car breaking system are working in top notch, with my just in time warning. Although the slower speed let us break on time, however, if we are not aware of the lumber trailer driver peculiar behavior, we will get crush at the corner. We also learn that with that speed, unlucky slow driver will get crush in from the back because it is just impossible for a hundred tons lumber trailers to stop on time.

So the conclusion is : Drive safely is not enough. With so many psycho that play god on the road, you need to be telepathic, to read the mind of other drivers/riders from their driving pattern. And this involve all the drivers/riders around you, in front, left, right, behind, buggers across the street that going to cut into your lane, buggers that going to beat the red light, stupid motorbikes riders that take maneuver next to the corner, etc.

Here is telepathic training to avoid accidents.

Read the long vehicle driver’s mind

  • Stay far away from any vehicles longer than you if you don’t intend to over take. The faster you drive, the further you must stay away.
  • Never over take long vehicles RIGHT BEHIND of them. Stay at least 5 meters(or 15 feets) away before you start to overtake.
  • Overtake long vehicles in shortest possible time.
  • Beware of empty long vehicles. The drivers has the luxury to do a instant stop stunt with their air break install on 8-20+ tyres. A luxury that a car never have.

Read the mind of normal vehicles driver

  • Most MPV driver are arrogant
  • Woman driver are unpredictable
  • Woman driver in “tudung”, NEVER stay behind them unless necessary. They are the most peculiar driver.
  • Worst “tudung” drivers are those who drive imported cars.
  • Aging driver with their wife inside the car are suicidal (I bet you know why)
  • If a MPV taking 2 lanes for more than 10 sec, it means they are using mobile phone (some even do SMS)

Read the mind of your own car

  • Know your car tyres. Unless you want your families to spend your insurance money. First, check the thread. Second, check the tyres gripping ability. Third, pay attention to your tyres when the road is wet.
  • Learn your car break system. You must know the stopping ranges of your break in various speed.
  • Learn your car cornering ability. In accidents, a few inch cornering radius will decide the fate.
  • Know your car acceleration ability. You will be fucked if took more than 10s to overtake a trailer. If your car can’t accelerate, take it slow or take a rest off road.
  • Learn your car steadiness when overtake long vehicles. If your car swinging when overtaking long vehicles running 70km/h, DO NOT overtake if the long vehicles drive faster than 80km/h. Because the aero dynamic from the long vehicles is enough to swing your car out of the lanes.

I don’t like to drive. A normal day driving to the work is exhaustive by reading all others mind and check the road conditions. I don’t understand why Tun.M are so fond about flooding the road with kamikaze drivers.


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