Blogging with adsense, will the money influence the blogging direction?

Posted On 26/02/2007

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Installing Google adsense.

Finally, I am joining the bandwagon.

Since I don’t have a good page rank, most click will be from spam bot(how ironic). In my opinion, Adsense will definitely change people way of blogging.

It seems technology sells : not just the technology itself, but contents. Thus even people know nuts about some applications, they will just cut and paste third party articles and bait others to check out their blog. The “hot contents” sell so well that some blogger just use the blog to talk anything that is “hot” for advertisement and forget their original objective.

Original contents might not sell as well compare to “hot topic/contents”. But people who willing to spend time to maintain original content, does gain the reputation slowly but steadily. For example, people like Ken Rockwell has build his photography and camera review site with more personal touch than typical “measurement review” sites.

Perhaps mainstream media has show us a good example of advertisement vs contents. What worried the mainstream media are not how “journalistic” the blogger become, but the trend create from original content and neutral advertiser such as Google.

For example, no mainstream media will dare to write a neutral reports on pits and trap of investment funds, since the financial institution are their biggest pay master. However, with alternative media/medium, blogger and online writers can publish such opinion without worry about “pay cut” from the advertiser, since the pay master has little control over advertiser. You cannot simply chunk junks advertisement to the online user.

It is too early to say that the power of advertisement space is now transferring to the hand of blogger/online writers, but I am optimistic about it.


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