Digi Yellow man is better than mushy unity ads

Posted On 27/02/2007

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Honestly, I think wireless Telco DIGI Yellow man series of ads is better than any other advertisement trying hard to show the mushy sentimental unity value.

You see the yellow man follow

  • People in the city
  • Kampung folks with his livestock (probably East Coast)
  • People on the Sails (Sea)
  • People on the moutain (mountains)
  • An maintenance engineer (Penang Bridge)
  • A Dayak tribesman (Sarawak)
  • People in the LRT stations
  • People inside highway tunnel
  • Back to KL city

Simple but effective.

KennyPent has crop the whole series of digi into YouTube here :


One Response to “Digi Yellow man is better than mushy unity ads”

  1. lilian

    Eh, you coming to the Bloggers Together Gather or not? Come lah! Dun tell ppl your URL, can remain anon, or wear a mask or brown bag. LOL. Left only few places so better hurry up.

    moo_t : sorry, it clash with some events 😦 That’s why I didn’t response.

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