Perhaps we should let the ignorant village folks suffer the consequences of globalisation

Posted On 28/02/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts

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I think FL will not agree with me on this.

Lack of “urban” awareness and pain on rising living cost, the village folks still relies on the government subsidiaries will continue to be ignorants regardless changes from globalization treaty such as FTA.

With a 3000 village constituency vs 20,000 urban constituency, they have the ability to votes 3 times more corrupted politikus into parliaments that know nuts about global issue, nor about the issue what concern that.

To the village folks, globalisation is whatever good news bring from mainstream media. Village folks has little idea that Japanese farmer, Korean farmer, with income 5-10 times income more than Malaysia farmer, take a flight to protest the WTO conference. As they has little knowledge that the heavy subsidies First World countries agriculture product is going to flood the market. Yes, it is still the good old day of subsidies village life.

Perhaps urban folks should be ignorant about the village folks life and let them suffer the consequences of local agricultural product price collapse. Maybe at the end, this will force them to replace the works of imported plantation workers.

Time to forget about the innocent village life 😉


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