Beware of self appointed moral righteous!

Posted On 05/03/2007

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Sometime humor can dig the dark side of some people. I am not talking about the infamous cartoon script. It is about humor blog post by my dear blog friend Maverick.

The post is about some examination paper answer from the student. Honestly, I seen the same thing distribute in the net for quite some time. Many see it as hilarious, and some people like me bless the teacher will help the student get over their problem.

Alas, one of the anonymous comment get my blood boils. Here is what the anonymous says :

How rotten the caring, student-centred education system has become is clear from the teachers’ responses to direct challenges to their authority from own their students. “Because he slept with his boss’s wife” solicits a mere reprimand of “oh dear!” from the student’s teacher, while “x = suck my dick,fag” gets only a response of “see me”. These meek responses from the teachers will only encourage their students to embark on more daring ways to challenge the education system.

This clearly shows that disciplinary problems are being swept under the carpet and never brought to the attention of the schools’ heads. If these cases are true, the students should be immediately expelled with no chance of appeal as an example to other wayward students. It is better to let a few apples rot than to infect the whole barrel.

And I say “what the fuck” when I read it. It seems some self righteous bigot trying to use his pathetic exam score above all, discipline solve everything idea on education.

Worst still, Mr/Ms Anonymous try to define the teacher “lenient response” as “swept problem under the carpet”, while his solution of “eradicating problem” by booting “not so bright, bad scoring student” is nevertheless, a terrible to carpet sweeping job. To him, the teacher should be score keeping machine than real human being. The way of educationists : teacher to become guide to the student become none to existence.

In our society, there is never lack of self appointed moral righteous people trying to impose ridiculous “moral” which are worst than problem itself. What decide a great country vs 3rd world, is the majority mentality of capable to identifies and reject self appointed moral righteous people.

p/s: Am I one of those self appointed moral righteous on other field? Then you must identify my flaw moral logics and ditch me. ;p

One Response to “Beware of self appointed moral righteous!”

  1. Maverick


    I do not doubt you are right over this “uncalled” comments of some. However, we need to take it at face value as commenters sometimes just write out anything that strikes their hand without intention or with intend to be blesphemeous or “bigotry’.

    In the blogsphere, we may not know who the commenters are, what’s their age and mental maturity as well as their circumstances and emotional environment. Many commenters are taking time off to dump their stress and strains of the day and could have only intended to sound jesty.

    I believe you are much more matured and an intellectual. Let’s live with the “lessers” (I hope I don’t sound contemptuous). In the world of unequal intellectuality and maturity, equally, we have unequal experiences and circumstances, we need to be accommodative and receptive, while we try to restrain excesses and insidiousness. For as long as they do not overstep the line of sedition, we should accommodate.

    However, I do agree that I do tend to write or post carefree, with no ulterior “evil” intention. Maybe, I may have to be more conscious of that. Thanks.

    moo_t : Don’t worry Mave, your blog are yet to “cross the line”. I agree on the fact that commenter can post anything, including stuff that relieve their stress. But I am optimistic that blogger or other commenter (e.g. like me) will help balance out negative view that might have bad effect over other readers. I’ve suffer enough illogical and spinning story of main stream media “reader letters” or “editor views”.

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